Friday, November 20, 2009

Jomtien Pharmacy, Thailand.

Jomtien Pharmacy
drug store, chemist
Pattaya Thailand

Welcome to Jomtien Pharmacy, the chemist at Jomtien Beach, Thailand, with an excellent stock of drugs, medicines and medical accessories.

Our extensive stock includes: -

Aspirin: Headache, fever and pain relief
Paracetamol: Headache, fever and pain relief
Pontstan: Relief of pain and inflamation
Strepsils: Medicated throat lozenges
Imodium: Relieves symptons of acute diarroea
Discento: For the treatment of bacterial diarrhea, dysentry, enteritis
Cod liver oil caps: Maintains vitality and resists infection
Strong-K: Electrolyte beverage powder, vitamin drink
Amlin: Ampicillin Trihydrate, general antibacterial

We have much, much, more. Please telephone for directions to our store or to order and medicines or drugs.

Telephone: 081 8292312

Address: 75/262, Soi 5 (Soi Immigration), Jomtien